Kissimmee Utility Authority

Kissimmee Round-Up Program

Kissimmee Utility Authority has launched a new program which allows customers to round up their monthly utility bills to help their neighbors in need.
The program, called Kissimmee Round-Up, gathers voluntary contributions from participating customers by “rounding up” their monthly bills to the next dollar. For example, a customer’s bill of $110.73 would be automatically rounded up to $111.00, with the additional 27 cents going to the utility’s Good Neighbor Utility Assistance Fund. The Good Neighbor Utility Assistance Fund provides emergency utility bill payment assistance to individuals and families in Kissimmee facing a temporary financial crisis.
On average, customers participating in Kissimmee Round-Up will contribute 50 cents each month. The most a customer would ever contribute in a single month would be 99 cents per account. By expanding that donation over a year, it could result in an average donation of roughly six dollars per year.
Customers wishing to participate in the program can opt to have their bills automatically rounded up each month. To begin enrolling simply enter your KUA Account information below or call KUA at (407) 933-9800 or visit its customer service lobby, located at 1701 W. Carroll Street in Kissimmee.
Kissimmee Round-Up Confirmation
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